Did you know that LinkedIn has 875+ million people on its platform? LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to build one’s network, gain industry knowledge and even use for a job search! Don’t miss Steinbright’s workshop, “LinkedIn Live: A Guide to Networking” – Thursday, April 13th | 5 PM – 6:30 PM, in the Steinbright Career Development Center (Room 222.)

During this workshop, Steinbright and Peer Mentors will dive into the top ways to leverage your LinkedIn profile, effectively network, and specifically connect for informational interviews. Students will then be able to meet with Steinbright Staff and Peer Mentors via targeted sessions to discuss questions on their LinkedIn profiles (remember to bring your laptops.) Following the presentation and sessions, students will also be able to attend a brief meet & greet and have an opportunity to network.

Sign up today to confirm registration and for additional event reminders – spots are limited!

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