Student Organizations

Explore opportunities to get involved in a student organization.

Students are busy; between classes, work, homework, family, and other commitments, there can be a lot to balance. So why would add another thing to that list by joining a student organization? Because it can impact your career and student experience in a positive way. Student Organizations are a great way to:

  • make new friends
  • network with alumni, faculty, staff, and public health professionals
  • hold fun events that benefit your peers
  • develop your interpersonal and leadership skills
  • give back to the School

Explore different Undergraduate and Graduate organizations below to learn more about involvement opportunities.

Interested in getting involved outside of Dornsife? Visit DragonLink to find Identity-Based Groups, Academic & Professional Groups, Community Service & Social Action Groups, Spiritual & Religious Groups, and more!

Undergraduate Student Organizations

Undergraduate Student Government Organization (SGO)

USGO consists of an elected body of undergraduate student representatives who serve as liaisons with administration to advocate for students’ needs. Additionally, USGO plans exciting academic, professional, service, and social community-based opportunities for public health students to connect and learn on campus and in Philadelphia. All undergraduate students of the Dornsife School of Public Health shall become members of the Student Government Organization upon enrollment.

Graduate Student Organizations

Dornsife Student Government Organization (SGO)

SGO consist of an elected body of students representatives who serve as liaisons with the Administration to advocate for students’ needs. Additionally, SGO plans exciting opportunities for students to connect and learn, including events such as: Black History Month, Peer Mentoring Program, National Public Health Week, service activities, and more. Leadership positions are one year appointments. Elections are held each fall term.
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Community Health and Prevention Club (CHP)

The Community Health and Prevention Club is a graduate student organization for public health students with an interest in serving and promoting health in communities. CHP organizes events including: a community wide narcan (naloxone) training, the Lancaster street cleanup, and a mix and mingle between CHP masters and doctoral students. CHP also holds social events for members to promote community engagement. Students interested in becoming a member of the CHP club board are encouraged to apply in February.
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Delta Omega Honor Society, Beta Omega Chapter

Dornsife’s Beta Omega Chapter is one of more than 100 chapters and since it’s formation at Johns Hopkins in 1924 and each year inducts students, faculty, alumni and honorary members into our chapter. Membership is based on high academic standards and outstanding performance in scholarship, teaching, research and community service, encouraging further excellence in and devotion to public health work.
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Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Club

The EOH Club aims to raise standards and advance environmental and occupational health issues. This organization is open to all who wish to engage and develop positions, and broaden their knowledge base on vital issues relevant to the practice of environmental and occupational health.
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Health Management and Policy (HMP) Club

The HMP Club aims to provide a forum for colleagues to discuss policy and management issues that affect and influence the population health of Philadelphia, the US, and the world. Our goal is to provide opportunities to apply what is learned in the classroom to current issues through general body meetings, guest presentations and speaker series, and participation in community health events.
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Maternal and Child Health Club

The Maternal and Child Health Club provides leadership and public health information essential in the promotion, improvement, and maintenance of the overall health status of women, children, infants, and families. Through guest speakers, article discussions, and community activities, Maternal and Child Health Club explores a broad range of maternal and child health topics, including birth outcomes, family planning, the role of fathers, child and adolescent health, and environmental conditions that impact the health of mothers and children.
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Preconception Peer Educators

Preconception Peer Educators work to disseminate essential preconception health messages, with a commitment to lowering the high infant mortality rates among racial and ethnic minorities.
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Public Health Doctoral Students Advisory Group

The mission of PHDSAG is to represent all doctoral students in the Dornsife School of Public Health in matters involving student-faculty and student-administration relations. PHDSAG strives to develop, promote and enhance all doctoral students’ experiences through partnerships with the school’s administrators and faculty members as well as public health researchers and practitioners in the community at large and their networks. Past events have included Lunch and Learns, mock proposal, dissertation and conference presentations, social events (multicultural potluck, movie nights, and end of year celebrations), and workshops to enhance academic skills (manuscript preparation and authorship). Elections are held annually during the spring quarter.

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For a complete list of student organizations at Drexel, please visit Dragonlink.

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