Public Health Doctoral Students Advisory Group (PHDSAG)

Organizational Goals/ Objectives:

  1. Foster additional support from DSPH administrators and faculty members to enhance the development of leadership, research, and professional skills of doctoral students.
  2. Create opportunities and generate an environment for doctoral students for exchanging ideas and peer-review of ongoing and future research projects, papers, and any other academic pressing concerns.
  3. In partnership with administrators of DSPH, create channels of communication and platforms through which doctoral students can voice their concerns, share their ideas, and give feedback to administrators and anyone who has decision-making power.
  4. Create opportunities to communicate research, resources, and the connection of networks within DSPH and the community at large.

Resources for PhD students:

Instructions for using Trello academic writing templates:

  1. Sign up for Trello
  2. Access the Academic Writing Project Management Boards & Publication Pipeline board
  3. Copy the boards
    • You won’t be able to edit the boards until you copy them to YOUR Trello account. To do this, go to the upper right hand corner and click “Show Menu.” Then click “More” and finally “Copy Board.” You’re done!
    • Don’t see the “copy board” option?
      If you have an existing Trello account and you can’t see the “Copy Board” feature, don’t worry! Just click on “Menu”–>”More” and then you should see a link that warns you that you have limited features. Click on that link and you will have access to all of Trello’s features, including the “Copy Board” feature.