EOH Travel Subsidy


The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health offers a limited number of travel subsidies annually to full-time students who are pursuing the PhD degree in Environmental and Occupational Health. These funds are available to help support travel for doctoral students to a national conference in their field. The funds can help defray some conference registration and travel costs. Students are expected to first speak with their faculty mentor to request that expenses be covered by grant or discretionary funds before requesting funding from the Department.

Awards are competitive and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To apply, please fill out the Student Travel Subsidy Application, and submit the materials to Catherine Corson. In addition to the application, materials required include: detailed budget, summary of the professional development benefits of attending the conference (include whether the student will be presenting) and supporting letter from the faculty mentor. In the supporting letter from the faculty mentor, please ask that they address the question of availability of funding to help support this travel. Prior to registering and purchasing transportation, students may request that the department pay these fees on their behalf.

Please note that if the student pays the registration fees and purchases tickets for transportation, the student will be reimbursed after conference attendance. Students will be reimbursed for all other expenses upon submission of itemized receipts from the conference to Michelle Doyle, and only expenses allowable by Drexel University policies will be reimbursed. University policy requires that requests be submitted within 60 days of travel.


Students must submit all materials 2 months prior to the conference date. Prior to purchasing tickets students must obtain all necessary university approvals. Review the COVID-19 Essential Travel Guidance and Concur Travel and Expense policy for additional information.


  • Students must first request that expenses be covered by a faculty mentor grant or discretionary funds
  • Students are expected to make every effort to apply for funds from the Graduate College (domestic travel or international travel)
  • Students are expected to make every effort to apply for funds from the Dornsife Office of Student Affairs
  • If traveling internationally, students are expected to make every effort to apply for funds from the Office of Global Engagement
  • Students must be registered for the academic quarter at the time of travel to be eligible for funds (exceptions made for summer conferences)
  • Up to $750 of expenses reimbursed for a national/international conference
  • Up to $500 of expenses reimbursed for a regional conference held within reasonable driving/train distance
  • Each student can receive a maximum of one travel award per fiscal year (July-June)
  • In cases in which the number of travel requests exceeds available funding, the department will consider the number of awards a student has received in previous years