Student Funding

Explore Dornsife’s funding opportunities for emergencies, professional development, or research. For information on loans, Financial Aid, and Federal Work-Study positions, see Drexel Central. For more information on scholarship and fellowship opportunities, visit our Public Health Scholarships resource.

Dornsife Student Emergency Fund

The Dornsife Student Emergency Fund (SEF) was established to help full-time Dornsife School of Public Health undergraduate and graduate students who are in need of immediate financial assistance due to unforeseen circumstances or emergency expenses that are related to COVID-19 pandemic. The spirit of this funding is to support emergency circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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The Dornsife SEF is designed to provide one-time, short-term funding for expenses or costs resulting from temporary hardships. The Dornsife SEF is not designed to support routine expenses, such as rent/tuition. Students who are experiencing long-term financial hardships due to a change in circumstances should review Drexel Central/Financial Aid regarding a Financial Aid Appeal

Please note funding is limited and not guaranteed, and therefore not all requests may be fulfilled. In some cases, partial funding may be approved.

Learn more about eligibility requirements and application instructions.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism (IDEA) Research Awards

The IDEA Service/Project and Professional Development Awards are a collaboration between the Drexel Student Organization: Drexel VOICES & Allies, and the Dornsife School of Public Health. The idea for these research awards were developed initially, from doctoral students via a proposal, titled: Anti-racism Research Collaborative (ARC): Acknowledging the Invisible Labor of
Students of Color.

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The ARC proposal was collaboratively drafted by members of Drexel VOICES & Allies and the Public Health Doctoral Student Advisory Group (PhDSAG), comprised of Dornsife doctoral students. The following research awards are part of a pilot funding program intended to encourage the active participation of students and faculty in activities aimed at dismantling racism while compensating Dornsife students who agree to be part of these initiatives. Dornsife is piloting two awards for the 2020-2021 academic year: the IDEA Service/Project Award and the IDEA Professional Development Award.

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To learn more about IDEA Research Fellowship positions, view the IDEA Fellowship page.

Professional Development/Conference Travel Award

NOTE: In light of Drexel’s response to coronavirus prohibiting all domestic and international University travel, the Professional Development/Conference Travel Award will not fund travel expenses. Registration related expenses are still eligible for funding.

Each year, Student Affairs receives requests from students to fund professional development and conference opportunities. In order to fairly evaluate to these requests, we have standardized the way in which these requests are collected. Individual DSPH undergraduate and master’s students may request funding from Student Affairs for conference and professional development travel by completing the Professional Development/Conference Travel Award Request form. Doctoral students are not eligible for this award.

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Given the number of requests and the limited financial resources that the department has, please understand that not all requests will be honored. Priority will be given to students who are near the end of their program, who have not requested funding from the department before, and who submit requests with significant advance notice.

The intention of the Professional Development/ Conference Travel Award is to provide supplemental funding for the following types of expenses: rail, shuttle, or air transportation, conference and registration fees, and/or hotel expenses. Requests for auto-rental, mileage, tolls, parking, ride sharing or taxi services, and/or meal funding are not eligible.


Please complete the funding request form and describe your professional development or conference opportunity. You will be asked to provide the following information: a brief rationale for your request, an estimated budget, and to share photos and a review upon the conclusion of the event. This information may be shared on the department’s website, Facebook page, or in reports to the upper administration. We will process reimbursements after we receive your materials.

Funding requests must be submitted at least four weeks in advance. The maximum level of support that Student Affairs provides is $200. Please note that funding is limited and is not guaranteed, so applicants should consider alternative sources of funding.

Please send the completed request form to Michelle Quigley.