Data Analysis Project/Thesis (MS)

Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Second year students in the MS in Epidemiology and MS in Biostatistics programs perform a substantial data analysis project as a culminating experience under the supervision of their assigned faculty member. Students are encouraged to pursue projects based in outside sponsoring organizations including healthcare facilities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, health insurance companies, consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, and other academic departments. Students find these opportunities through Symplicity, their faculty mentor’s research or connections, or through their own networking with potential sponsoring organizations. For more information, please contact Scarlett Bellamy.

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

Second-year students in the MS Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences program complete an original investigation in an area of research presented in the form of a thesis. The thesis must be based on the student’s own work and acceptable to the student’s Thesis Committee. For more information on the EOH thesis requirement, please contact Igor Burstyn.

Population Health Sciences

Second-year students in the MS Population Health Sciences program complete either a Data Analysis Project or a Master of Science Epidemiology Project.

  • For the Data Analysis Project, students are provided with experience completing a substantive data analysis in either an academic or applied setting. The project will be performed over a full term under the supervision of the advisor. Projects based in settings outside the Department are jointly-supervised by the advisor and a doctorally-prepared host organization researcher.
  • For the Master of Science Epidemiology Project, students will work with a faculty mentor to design and conduct an epidemiologic study that poses and tests a research question using a sufficiently robust data set. Components of the project will include data collection as necessary, data management and analysis and the preparation of a manuscript for publication or a research report that is consistent with accepted thesis and publication standards in epidemiology.

For more information on the MS Population Health Sciences project, please contact Leslie McClure.