Internship and Job Search

Office of Public Health Practice

The Office of Public Health Practice manages Symplicity, a School-wide portal that allows full-time degree-seeking students and alumni to view opportunities to complete the required experiential learning placements (including breadth, depth, ILE, and data analysis projects), as well as jobs, and other paid and unpaid internships and fellowships relevant to public health. Register for an account on Symplicity following New Student Orientation and start to build your profile. Please note that it may take 1-2 business days for your account to be approved.

Steinbright Career Development Center

Steinbright Career Development Centers manages Handshake, a University-wide portal that allows students and alumni to view internships and jobs posted by employers. We encourage students and alumni to create a Handshake profiles with rich, career-related details. This will customize the information Handshake pushes to your home page: jobs, workshops and events, and other resources, all based on your interests. Contact Helene Stockman-Baer for more information on access to Handshake.

Finding a Placement Required by a DSPH Program

Undergraduate Co-OP (Undergrad Program)

Co-op is required of all undergraduate programs at Drexel University and enables students to engage in hands-on experience prior to graduation. Generally, public health students are on co-op for a six-month period either on a full-time or part-time basis during the spring and summer of the third year. Co-op is implemented by Steinbright Career Development Center.

Breadth Activities (MPH Program)

Students document at least one practice activity each month during the first year of the MPH program. Examples of breadth activities include lectures or presentations relevant to public health practice within or external to Drexel or public health volunteerism either sponsored by DSPH or independently pursued. Some breadth activities can be found through Symplicity, but many students seek out lectures through the DSPH events page or volunteer with organizations in which they find an interest.

Depth Experience (MPH Program)

The depth experience constitutes a supervised, hands-on public health opportunity within a public health practice setting alongside one of DSPH’s community partner organizations. This 120-hour experience may be in the form of an internship or a project and takes place in either the spring or summer quarters of the first year. Students are expected to complete a minimum of two deliverables that demonstrate the attainment of at least five MPH competencies. Many students find placements through Symplicity, through their faculty mentor’s connections, or via their own personal connections. Take advantage of networking with alumni and preceptors who may be seeking student support!

Integrated Learning Experience (MPH Program)

The ILE is the culminating experience for the full-time MPH degree, including dual degree programs such as the MD/MPH, JD/MPH, and MBA/MPH. Completed throughout the final  academic year of the program, students gain public health experience relevant to their major. The ILE can be a specific project or an internship with multiple projects and activities, depending upon one’s major, and can be either research or practice. Students find these opportunities in similar ways as the APE, either through their own independent searches, faculty mentor connections, or via Symplicity.

Data Analysis Project (MS Programs)

Second year students in the MS in Epidemiology and MS in Biostatistics programs perform a substantial data analysis project as a culminating experience under the supervision of a department faculty member. Students are encouraged to pursue projects based in outside sponsoring organizations including healthcare facilities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, health insurance companies, consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, and other academic departments. Students find these opportunities through Symplicity, their faculty mentor’s research or connections, or through their own networking with potential sponsoring organizations. For more information, please contact Mary Carty.

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This handout reviews job and internship online databases that may assist you in your search.

Elevator Pitch

This handout outlines an exercise in crafting an elevator pitch.

Global Health Opportunities

This handout for upcoming and recent graduates interested in global health describes internships, entry-level, and early-career positions.

Job Search Timeline Overview

This handout provides a detailed month-to-month timeline of steps for your job search and a career planning worksheet.


Subscribing to a listserv for job alerts or industry information can be a helpful way to stay connected to public health news. Check out some examples below:

Networking through Informational Interviewing

This handout reviews the informational interviewing process, how to prepare for the interview, and sample questions to ask.

ASPPH Membership Agreement

Dornsife School of Public Health is a member of the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH). A benefit of this membership includes helping current students and recent alumni access the job posting databases of other Schools and Programs of Public Health at other institutions of higher education. In order to secure access to the posting board of another member institution, please email Michelle Quigley with the name of the member institution, the contact information of the member institution’s career services staff, and a copy of your resume.

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