Duke Population Health Sciences Summer Institute

The Virtual Summer Institute offers twelve workshops that will support your research goals. You’ll strengthen your foundational knowledge in population health sciences; approach your research from different perspectives; better understand your context; and be more innovative in your proposals, research designs, and data analyses.

Are you looking to:

  • Gain best practices for collecting and analyzing patient-reported outcomes?
  • Design evidence-informed approaches to improving health?
  • Understand how to formulate population health research questions?
  • Learn how to translate research results into policy and practice?
  • Study the principles of qualitative questionnaire design and interviewing?
  • Develop, evaluate, and implement healthcare delivery interventions?
  • Critically assess commonly applied research study designs as well as measures?

Duke University population health researchers will teach these skills and more at the Department of Population Health Sciences Virtual Summer Institute, June 13–17 and June 20-24.

Learn more and register here!

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