5 Essential Tips for Being Productive while Working from Home

How can you stay focused on the job and mentally healthy while working remotely? Here are five tips to keep you working your best.

1. Build your Space

Find an area in your home that specifically is for getting work done – that means avoiding your bed!

Trying to find a comfortable space to establish a work-life balance is so important. Be sure that your workspace is free of any distractions and has enough room for any items that you need for your daily workflow.

Associate this space as work and leave when you’re off the clock.

2. Be efficient with your time

There are going to be days where you just want to lie in bed and watch Netflix, but using time management apps is a great way to work efficiently while giving you a nice break in-between.

Free productivity apps that can track the time you spend on each task, minimize distractions, and are aesthetically pleasing are Flora, Tomato Timer, and Flipd.

3. Know your communication style

Everyone works and communicates differently – if you question whether your colleague will want to know something, share it!

Whether it’s through email, video conference calls, or phone calls, it’s best to try to replicate the in-person experience and provide clear communication.

Establish when others can reach you on specific days and hours. The more guidance and boundaries you provide the fewer misunderstandings will occur.

4. Prevent internet lag awkwardness

Avoid the dreaded internet lag during videoconferencing calls by checking if your internet access is robust.

If your bandwidth is low and you’re on a video call, try shutting down other programs to lighten the load on your connection!

However, if there are other internet users in your home, set internet schedules or stagger internet access throughout the day.

5. Stay connected

A undeniable loss to working at home is that it can feel lonely. Whether it’s casually talking to your co-workers, family, or friends be sure to make time to socialize.

To overcome any shyness, try my favorite icebreaker: If you could describe yourself as any type of cheese which type would it be?

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