New Students: Set-up Drexel Learn

Drexel University uses an online platform that manages courses called Blackboard Learn, also known as Drexel Learn. Below, please see some important information about setting up the account and becoming familiar with this system.

Accessing Learn
To access the system, go to the Drexel Learn sign-in page at:

  • If you have official Drexel credentials that you use to log in to DrexelOne, choose “Sign In with Drexel Connect.”
  • If you do not have a Drexel account, but have been granted access to Learn, choose “I Don’t Have a Drexel Account” and log in with the credentials you were provided.

Please click here for more information about Learn Orientation and Access. If you have any issues, questions or concerns about Drexel Learn, please contact the Instructional Technology Group at

**UPDATE 9/6/2019: Students are strongly encouraged to complete a training entitled Learn Student Orientation prior to the start of classes. This online training reviews all of the basics of the Learn system. Please login to Drexel Learn to access this module.**

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