COVID-19 Updates and Policies

Updated August 11, 2021


Please review the listed resources for information on our return to campus (RTC) in Fall 2021. Resources include those provided by the University and the School for Facilities, Education, Students, and Research.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Vaccine Verification:
    If you have provided all necessary vaccine documentation into the Health Tracker app, please allow 72 hours for verification. 
  • Lost Vaccine card:
    Please reach out to the health department or clinic where you received your vaccine doses for a copy of your records . If you have received a vaccine at Drexel with Sunray Specialty, please contact Jackie to obtain a copy of your records.
  • Online Students:
    If you are a 100% online student, please disregard the messages you are receiving. You are not required to comply with the vaccine policy if you’re an online student that has no intention of interacting with the campus. 
  • Executive MPH students and full time, face to face students:
    Since you will be on campus for your residency requirements or face to face classes, you are required to comply with the vaccine policy. You should visit Drexel’s Response to Coronavirus Website for the latest vaccination requirements and information on vaccination clinics available to Drexel students.
  • Vaccine Upload:
    If you are unable to enter a vaccine date prior for February 2021, please use the web based version to upload your vaccine dates. Vaccine Exemptions will be considered via the Vaccine Exemption Process.
  • August 1 Deadline:
    At this point, we know meeting the August 1 deadline may be unlikely. You must be fully vaccinated before you come to campus. However, we advise you to start now and upload your vaccine information if you plan on being on campus at some time during the 2021-2022 school year. Please make sure to submit your vaccine card information into the Health Tracker app once you receive your first dose. 
  • General Questions:
    Lastly, for all your questions that are related to COVID-19, health and safety, vaccinations, and recent University communications related to these topics, please email for a prompt response.