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Academic Calendar

The majority academic programs operate on the University’s quarter system. Consult with your Program Manager or Academic Advisor for details on your degree program’s required classes.

Advising Syllabus

Developed by Dornsife’s Program Manager/Academic Advisors for master’s students, this syllabus is designed to outline what is expected of you in the academic advising process during your time as a student at the Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University


Drexel University Barnes & Noble Bookstores are conveniently located on all three Philadelphia campuses and provide textbooks, school supplies, Drexel clothing and gifts, and general merchandise. Drexel bookstores also coordinate programs for ordering Convocation and Commencement regalia and class rings.

Center for Learning and Academic Success Services (CLASS)

The Center for Learning and Academic Success Services (CLASS) empowers students to develop skills and strategies that foster academic success and personal growth through purposeful interactions with peer and professional staff. CLASS supports Drexel University students’ efforts to achieve their academic goals through a variety of services, including: Academic Coaching, Tutoring, Workshops and Events.

Class Registration

Registering for courses is an important part of being a student. Planning your schedule, ensuring you remain on progress towards completing your degree, and selecting courses that will aid in your success require careful planning and attention to detail. Online registration occurs in early August. You will receive an email reminder to register for class. Explore this tutorial to learn more about the registration process.

Course Catalog

The Catalog contains all programs offered by Drexel University, providing enrolled students with the information they need regarding their chosen academic path, and helping prospective students make important enrollment decisions.

Disability Resources

Disability Resources (DR), under the Office of Equality and Diversity, empowers individuals who have documented disabilities by working together proactively to provide reasonable accommodations. To ensure that all qualified individuals with disabilities receive the information and resources they need, all officers, deans, department heads, faculty members, academic advisors, directors, and supervisors must refer any individual who requests an accommodation to Disability Resources. All referrals, even if initially made verbally, must be followed up in writing.

Drexel Writing Center

The Drexel Writing Center (DWC) helps all members of the Drexel community think through and develop their writing projects, primarily through one-on-one consultations with Peer Readers, Graduate Writing Consultants and Faculty Readers. DWC is staffed by undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and professional tutors. With an undergraduate and graduate staff that spans a wide variety of disciplines, the DWC is a place of cross-disciplinary work where readers and writers learn from each other.

English Language Center

The ELC provides tutoring and language, writing, and research consultations for Drexel international students. Additionally, ELC offers a language support consultation from which students can receive an individual development plan and support resources for self-study/on-going tutoring. This handout provides an overview of the Drexel English Language Center’s resources and services for international students.

For further assistance with language, graduate students make take a free, no-credit University course (HUM006: Oral communication for non-native speakers) to improve spoken language proficiency.

Final Exam Schedule

The Final Exam Schedule is detailed by course and term.

Graduate College

The Graduate college oversees more than 230 programs across the University and works closely with the Dornsife to advocate for the graduate student experience, including interdisciplinary research, professional development, academic support, and developing policies.

Graduate Forms

Graduate student forms are accessible via the Advisor Visit Tracking (AVT) system. Please visit the link above for forms related to:

  • Health Insurance Subsidy
  • Accelerated Degree Program
  • Cooperative Education & Internships
  • Courses & Grades
  • Academic Dismissal & Reinstatement
  • Graduate Readmission & Transfer Credit
  • Doctoral (D) Forms
  • Graduate Program Completion Forms
  • International Student Travel

Human Subjects Research

Review this resource for guidelines and forms for Human Subjects Research as a part of the Integrated Learning Experience (ILE).

Independent Study

Independent Study (IS) courses may be offered for students to explore areas of special interest that are not provided in the existing curriculum. A faculty member and student must together negotiate a course of study. Independent Study may not be used to replace regularly offered courses or courses needed for a degree requirement without approval from the Office of the Provost. Submit an Independent Study request and complete the Independent Study Signature page.


Drexel University Libraries has four physical locations and a dynamic online presence with access to over two million items. Students have access to printing, scanning, and computing, other AV materials, and borrowing privileges.

Prerequisite-Free Electives

These electives are open to all majors with no prerequisites other than University requirements.

Student Forms

Please visit the link above for forms related to:

  • Financial Aid, Billing, and Registration Forms
  • Co-op & Career Services Forms
  • Equality & Diversity Forms
  • Student Concerns & Complaints

Term Master Schedule

The Term Master Schedule provides course schedule and course detailed information based on terms.

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