Student Life Resources

Drexel University offers many specialized services that provide support for student wellness and success. See below for additional Student Life resources, or visit the University Resources page for all resources.

Campus Map

Drexel University is made up of multiple campuses. Find directions from different parts of the country, public transit directions, and maps detailing which building is which.


Non-first year students may register for an Aramark Voluntary Dining Plan. Meals swipes are the backbone of your dining plan and are accepted at the Handschumacher Dining Center, The Café at Perelman Center for Jewish Life, and at Urban Eatery. Dining Dollars supplement meal swipes and are included with each dining plan and can be used for purchases at all Drexel Campus Dining locations.

Dragon Card

The DragonCard is the official University ID card for students, faculty, and professional staff and must be carried at all times.

The Office of Housing and Residential Living

The Office of Housing and Residential Living manages both on-campus and off-campus housing options for undergraduate and graduate students. Be sure to apply for on campus housing early, as spaces are very limited and fill up quickly. Additionally, Drexel offers Gender-Inclusive housing options. Please note that Drexel does not offer temporary housing or housing options for non-Drexel affiliates, such as children and partners.

Students seeking off-campus housing may use the University database to search for apartments in the University City and greater Philadelphia areas and learn more about leases, off-campus safety, sustainability efforts. Additionally, student may wish to explore University-Affiliated Housing options.

Students are encouraged to utilize third party websites to find housing accommodations, however, advise students to be weary of scams, as websites contain postings have not been reviewed by Drexel.

To see where current Dornsife students live, visit the Student Housing Map.

Philadelphia Sexual Assault Response Center

Philadelphia Sexual Assault Response Center (PSARC) works in affiliation with Philadelphia Police Special Victims Unit to provide 24/7 access to medical care and forensic examinations to victims of sexual assault.

Religious Accommodations

Drexel University supports an environment that respects the religious observances of others and is committed to making every reasonable effort to accommodate the religious observances of instructors, students and professional staff. In order to maintain an environment that supports individual religious beliefs, there are several resources for religious accommodations as they pertain to: housing and dining, academic, and work-related needs.

Students looking to explore religion and spirituality are encouraged to utilize the numerous religious spaces, join religious student organizations, and seek counsel from University Chaplains.

The Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct uses a student-centered approach to create an inclusive environment that fosters personal growth, effective problem solving, and collaborative conflict resolution. Student Conduct promotes safety through proactive education and access to resources through the Code of Conduct.

Student Center Services

The Creese Student Center offers lounges, meeting rooms, retail dining locations, a fully-equipped theater, and more. Creese also houses administrative and academic offices and is home to many student organizations at the Greenawalt Student Development Center. The Information Desk located on the first floor offers power strip rentals, vending machine refunds, laptops, temporary DragonCards, bike pumps, SEPTA discounts, employment opportunities, and more.

Violence Prevention & Response

Those experiencing any form of sexual or gender-based abuse or violence may seek help and guidance from resources at the University, local and national level. Additionally, there are several resources available to students, faculty, and staff to identify warning signs of abuse and to provide safety advice.