Learn about university software and systems like DrexelOne, Blackboard Learn, and more on our Technology Resources page.

Drexel (Blackboard) Learn

Drexel Learn (also known as Blackboard), Drexel University’s Learning Management System, is the software you will use to access your coursework and Virtual Orientation. Students receive access to Blackboard after picking up their Drexel account. Upon your enrollment, you will be assigned to the DSPH Orientation course. offers both synchronous sessions (scheduled and live) and asynchronous sessions (self-paced) and can be viewed throughout the summer .

New to Blackboard?


Blackboard provides tutorials on navigating the site and how to access and utilize the tools in your courses. After logging in, navigate to “Courses” on the left sidebar. Under “Current Courses” menu, select “DSPH Online Student Orientation”. Don’t see this menu item? Contact Michelle Quigley for access.

Student Affairs is available to assist you as your transition into Dornsife and student life. For additional assistance or for questions about Virtual Orientation, please contact Michelle Quigley.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will now be required for Apple Mail and Outlook.

Learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication

If your device has a recent versions of Office, including Outlook apps, Office 365, Outlook 2016 for Windows, and Office 2019 for Mac, as well as the most recent version of macOS (called Mojave) it includes a version of Apple Mail that is ready for MFA.

The first time that any of these email apps access your mailbox after August 20, your phone will receive a push notification, a text message containing a code, or a call. Sign-in approvals are automatically remembered by the apps for about 60 days.

For the latest official information or for setup help with Multi-Factor Authentication, visit

For questions, please contact us by emailing or calling 215.895.2020.

Computer Buying Guide

It is recommended that students purchase a computer for personal use as recommended by IT’s computer buying guide. Please note that the Dornsife School of Public Health requires Microsoft Windows for applications that are not available for Apple computers. If you purchase a Mac, you must partition your hard drive with Bootcamp, Parallels, or VMWare and then install Windows before arriving on campus. Check with your department for specific requirements before you purchase.

Learn more about Drexel’s Computer-Buying Guide

Additionally, Drexel IT does not recommend the usage of Chromebooks for coursework at Drexel. Chromebooks are not compatible with some services at Drexel and some necessary applications for coursework.

Apple products and Dell products can be purchased from from the “Campus Community” tab on Drexel One.