Multi-Factor Authentication

Software update needed after August 20, 2019

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will now be required for Apple Mail and Outlook.

If your device has a recent versions of Office, including Outlook apps, Office 365, Outlook 2016 for Windows, and Office 2019 for Mac, as well as the most recent version of macOS (called Mojave) it includes a version of Apple Mail that is ready for MFA.

The first time that any of these email apps access your mailbox after August 20, your phone will receive a push notification, a text message containing a code, or a call. Sign-in approvals are automatically remembered by the apps for about 60 days.

Update needed to send/receive mail

If you use an older version of Outlook or use Apple Mail with an older version of macOS, your older software will need to be updated. To learn about these updates or to start your update now, click here .

Until the update is done, older email apps will not be able to send or receive mail. (In the meantime, you can always read and send email via Outlook for the Web at

More information

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