Getting Started

Welcome to the Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University!

Winter Virtual Orientation offers new students the opportunities to connect with students, faculty, and staff through live events and self-paced online modules. From learning about resources available to you as a Drexel student to tips on navigating student life, Virtual Orientation will help you begin making connections with fellow students and find success as you begin your educational journey.

Completing the Blackboard modules is mandatory for all new students. Please see below for more information regarding important steps for transitioning into student life.


Important information regarding Orientation will be shared to your Drexel email account and posted on the BlackBoard Learn. Be sure to check your Drexel email account on a regular basis, as students are required to use Drexel email to conduct official University business.

Drexel email is serviced through Office 365 and is available to all Drexel students, faculty, and professional staff. Access your new Drexel email account and install the Office 365 apps.

Note: Installing Office 365 apps will replace any current Office installations you have on your computer or device.

Orientation Checklist

Transition into student life by completing these important steps:

  • Submit a photo online in advance for your DragonCard student ID.
    Note: Face to face and hybrid students must pick up IDs in person. Appointments are required. Online students may receive their DragonCard via mail as described in the instructions linked above.
  • Review your billing information, financial aid award, and enrollment status with Drexel Central.
  • Notify Disability Resources if you have any physical or learning disabilities. Drexel University is committed to providing equal access to its programs and services to qualified students.

Still have a question or spot an error? Please contact AskDornsife.