Math Self-Assessment

A number of courses in the MPH program cover quantitative subject matter and require a basic level of math competency. Sufficient math skills will be very important to your success and can be very helpful to broadening your career opportunities after you graduate. For some students, it will be helpful to review basic high school level mathematics prior to beginning classes.

If you are interested, you may complete a quantitative self-assessment posted on BlackBoard Learn. After you have completed the self-assessment, you can check your answers using the answer key. If you did not answer all of the questions correctly, review these concepts and work to improve your math skills before classes start in September. Additionally, you are encouraged to utilize the following free resources to prior to orientation:

  1. Educational Testing Service (ETS)
    Recommended modules: Arithmetic (section 1), Algebra (section 2), Data analysis (section 4)
  2. Khan Academy
    Recommended modules: pre-algebra and algebra

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