Mental Health Resources

As you approach a finals week, Student Affairs reminds you that we are thinking of you during these unprecedented times. We encourage you to stay connected while social distancing, utilize self-soothing and coping resources, and practice self-care tips as you structure your day. We hope you can use these tools, resources, and strategies to not only help you get through this finals week, but continue to prioritize your mental health in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Teletherapy Services:

The Office of Counseling and Health Services offers free, confidential counseling services to currently enrolled full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Teletherapy services will be offered via HIPAA-compliant Zoom (video chat) and will be offered with an emphasis on addressing a student’s immediate concerns, with a particular focus on problem-solving and symptom management. In cases where a student may not be able to connect via Zoom, telephone sessions will be offered as an alternative. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Counseling Center.

If you are seeking immediate support with a crisis, the Crisis Textline is free and available 24/7. Additionally, the ComPsych® GuidanceResources® program is available to all graduate students and offers 24/7 confidential support, resources and information on a variety of topics. If you are seeking non-crisis, peer-to-peer support, the 7 Cups of Tea is an online and app-based service offered at no cost to Drexel students.

Virtual Care Resources:

The Counseling Center offers additional resources that may be helpful in processing your thoughts and emotions, as well as advocating for change. In addition to the services provided by Counseling and Health, you may find additional information about academic, personal, and University resources, both on and off-campus described on DASH. Finally, for more resources related to Coronavirus, please review the Dornsife website.

If at any time you need additional support, would like to share a resource with us, or if you are not sure where you can get the support you need, please do not hesitate to contact Phi Nguyen or Michelle Quigley.

Philadelphia FIGHT (Education & Training)

Project TEACH (Treatment Education Activists Combating HIV) is an innovative health education program which trains people living with HIV/AIDS to act as peer educators, activists and advocates in the under-served communities hardest hit by the AIDS pandemic — low-income communities and communities of color. TEACH focuses not only on prevention but treatment education, outreach and advocacy. Project TEACH began in 1996 and has since graduated more than 3,000 people. Their core training program teaches people living with HIV the basics of secondary prevention and methods of communicating this information to others living with HIV. It is founded on the belief that people have a right to know about their own bodies and to determine their own health care. To learn more about Project TEACH, click here.

The Critical Path Learning Center at Philadelphia FIGHT is an educational commons and stigma-free space devoted to the intersection of health and literacy for the digital age. They nurture life-long learning through meaningful, relevant, non-judgmental education for all people in our community, including people living with HIV, hepatitis C, and other chronic health conditions. Their core programs include a health resources library, technology access and training, adult education, employment resources, and hospitality services. The Critical Path Learning Center is open to everyone. To learn more about the Critical Path Learning Center, click here.

The Community Health Training Alliance is a community and professional training program at Philadelphia FIGHT which provides a year-long series of workshops, conferences, webinars, and symposiums on health topics that impact our most vulnerable communities. Such programming would include their AIDS Education Month series of events and the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education Summit. To learn more about the Community Health Training Alliance, click here.

Philadelphia FIGHT (Health Services, Day 2)

Located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, the Jonathan Lax Treatment Center provides state-of-the-art HIV primary care, regardless of the patient’s insurance status or ability to pay. Their team offers compassionate, culturally competent, integrated, patient-centered medical care, and social services to people living with HIV. They see patients from all walks of life and their team of dedicated providers works to address the unique needs of each individual. Their goal is to provide comprehensive care to all patients in a “one-stop-shop” setting.  Inclusivity and respect for the dignity of their patients is at the center of all that they do at FIGHT.

Some of the services they provide include: same-day and walk-in sick appointments; well-adult care (routine checkups); new patient appointments (within 1 week); vaccinations ; onsite blood-work/lab testing; access to onsite community health workers, case management and benefits coordinator; nutritional/dietician services; screening for mental health problems (such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, and autism); HIV care, primary care, family planning, reproductive health services, hepatitis B and C care, and gender-affirming hormone therapy; medication assisted substance abuse treatment (such as Vivitrol and Suboxone); onsite pharmacy services including pill packing and adherence counseling; referrals to specialist care; and access to cutting edge research studies.

Click here to learn more about the Jonathan Lax Treatment Center.

5 Tips for Online Organization to Try Before the Holiday Break

1. Emails: set up a rule

For Drexel’s Outlook emails, go into “Setting” and type “Rules” in the search setting. Here you can choose to forward future emails from classes into specified folders, delete emails from certain dates.

2. Discover helpful add-ons

Dictate: When logging into outlook, you can open Word or PowerPoint which both have a “Dictate” option. Instead of typing, you click on this icon and speak your notes or essay instead. You can also change the language by clicking on the icon and scrolling down to “What Can I Say?”.

Find additional add-ons for outlook and how to install them here.

3. Add Deadlines and Events to Calendar

You can add reminders, project deadlines, exam dates, and other events to your outlook calendar. For a more additional tasks you can accomplish with the calendar, watch this tutorial.

4. Choosing and Using a Citation Manager

Whether you are gathering articles for ILE, writing an essay, or working on a project, you can start storing and organizing your articles and citations on several citation mangers like EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero. To compare them and see which one is right for you, check out this guide.

5. File Organization and Sharing

Take some time to organize your classes and their files using this computer filing guide.

Sharepoint: If you are working on a group project or visiting family and can’t bring your computer, try Outlook’s Sharepoint. Here you can store, organize, share, and access your files from any device.

Philadelphia FIGHT (Health Services)

The Community Prevention, Navigation, & PrEP Services aims to provide prevention services, linkage to care throughout the city of Philadelphia. The services include a free Rapid HIV test, education session on topic of HIV, STDs, condoms, and other health screenings, and also free condoms and lubricants. The navigation services assist with: Access to primary care appointments: Access to health insurance, helping to obtain appointments for medical and social services, PrEP, locating sites that will help its clients with education, employment and resume building, assisting in the housing application and appointment process, supplying students with free condoms. To learn more about the Community Prevention, Navigation, & PrEP Services, click here.

The Lax Women’s Health Program is committed to excellent care for women with HIV that is comprehensive, team-based, and respectful of diverse cultural backgrounds and spiritual traditions. They partner with and support HIV positive women to heal, grow, maintain health, and achieve their goals. To learn more about the Lax Women’s Health program, click here