Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission is to provide education, conduct research, and partner with communities and organizations to improve the health of populations. We view health as a human right and have a special commitment to improving health in cities, eliminating health disparities, and promoting health in all policies. Dornsife SPH faculty, staff and students are committed to the following:

  • Health as a human right and the importance of social justice to health
  • Integrity, rigor, critical thinking, and self-reflection in research, scholarship, and education
  • Translation of knowledge into actions to improve population health and eliminate health disparities
  • Sustainable and equitable community partnerships
  • Inclusiveness, diversity, empathy and respect for others regardless of position or status
  • Human dignity and open and honest dialogue
  • Service to local communities while recognizing the value of a global perspective

The work of equity, diversity and inclusion is the work of Public Health. We are committed to a future that is free of health inequities, that promotes the highest level of wellness for the communities we serve, and a diverse and inclusive public health workforce that embodies humility, respect, leadership and service on behalf of, and with, the diverse communities we are privileged to serve.

For more information about the Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion and Resource spaces, please click here. For more information about mandatory reporting and referral responsibilities, click here.

Action Plan to Enhance Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Anti-Racism

Throughout its history, the Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health (DSPH) has been dedicated to advancing health and human rights, social justice, and health equity. Underlying each of these values has been a commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence. Within Drexel University, DSPH has been recognized as one of the more diverse schools in the University. Despite this reputation, we recognize that being an inclusive and diverse organization is an ongoing undertaking which requires focus, engagement, data and a strategic direction.

In addition, faculty, staff and students at DSPH recognize the critical effects of racism on the health of Black people, Indigenous people and people of color (BIPOC) and are committed not only to addressing racism as a public health threat (through research, practice and training) but also to eliminating racism in all School practices and policies.

This action plan was created in July 2020 to guide and accelerate a series of important actions intended to support and expand the School’s ongoing efforts to promote a culture of diversity, inclusion and equity and to promote anti-racism in all school activities.

Review the latest details of Dornsife’s action plan to enhance diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-racism. For questions or suggestions, please contact Phi Nguyen at pnn25@drexel.edu

The Ubuntu Center on Racism, Global Movements and Population Health Equity

The Ubuntu Center’s mission is to unite diverse partners, generate and translate evidence, accelerate antiracism solutions, and transform the health of communities locally, nationally, and globally. The Center envisions a just future, free of systems of oppression, full of new possibilities through bold collective action, and an equitable world in which all individuals and communities are healthy and thrive.

The Center will open in Fall 2021 and will be led by Sharelle Barber, ScD, MPH. More information about the Center can be found here.