Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at Dornsife Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs at Dornsife has been committed to diversity and Inclusion and has worked to build a stronger, more inclusive Dornsife student community. We are committed to seeking out, understanding, and removing barriers to full participation and belonging among students, faculty, and staff.

We recognize our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment where students of all backgrounds can collaboratively learn, work, and serve.

We commit to engaging in an ongoing dialogue and to working together to address challenges in a way that removes barriers and promotes a culture of inclusivity, compassion, and mutual respect. The competencies gained through diverse experiences across our school and campus prepare all of our students, to thrive personally and professionally.

View a Summary of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives of Student Affairs (PDF)

Student Affairs at Dornsife Action Items (Updated 11/22/2021)

The Antiracism Working Group within Dornsife’s Office of Student Affairs was created in 2020 and is charged with developing resources and co-curricular programming related to diversity and inclusion. Addressing sections A4 and A5 of the Dornsife Action Plan remains a mission-critical initiative of Student Affairs.

The Working Group is led by Phi Nguyen, Assistant Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs and includes Michelle Quigley, Associate Director of Student & Alumni Relations, various student representatives and members of the IDEA Graduate Fellows.

View a Summary of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives of Student Affairs (PDF)

Here are the Goals from the Dornsife Action Plan with updates where appropriate.  Within the goals, the working group developed objectives in order to best accomplish the stated goals.

Goal A4
  • Goal: A4-Enrich the antiracism diversity and inclusion content of student orientation via special readings and activities
    • Update: View the Diversity and Inclusion Plans at Fall Orientation 2020
    • Update: View the Diversity & Inclusion at Orientation 2021

Review recordings from Orientation 2021:

Goal A5
  • Goal: A5-Enrich diversity and inclusion content in student-centered, co-curricular events and programs
    • Update: View the Diversity Anti-Racism Student Activities Update Presented October 26, 2020
  • Objective: Increase visibility of diversity and inclusion resources and support on the DSPH website
    • Update: View the revised Diversity page on the Dornsife School of Public Health Student Life website.
  • Objective: Develop and implement a process for students to be involved in DSPH’s antiracism work which includes financial compensation for their contributions to DSPH.
  • Objective: Develop career-focused events for current students which integrate and reinforce IDEA content within current series including “Coffee & Convos” and Professional Development Series (in progress for 2021)


Report Acts of Racism

Make a report to the Office of Equality and Diversity.

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