Professional Development/Conference Travel Award

NOTE: In light of Drexel’s response to coronavirus prohibiting all domestic and international University travel, the Professional Development/Conference Travel Award is suspended until further notice.

Each year, Student Affairs receives requests from students to fund professional development and conference opportunities. In order to fairly evaluate to these requests, we have standardized the way in which these requests are collected. Individual DSPH undergraduate and master’s students may request funding from Student Affairs for conference and professional development travel by completing the Professional Development/Conference Travel Award Request form. Doctoral students are not eligible for this award.

Given the number of requests and the limited financial resources that the department has, please understand that not all requests will be honored. Priority will be given to students who are near the end of their program, who have not requested funding from the department before, and who submit requests with significant advance notice. The intention of the Professional Development/ Conference Travel Award is to provide supplemental funding for the following types of expenses: rail, shuttle, or air transportation, conference and registration fees, and/or hotel expenses. Requests for auto-rental, mileage, tolls, parking, ride sharing or taxi services, and/or meal funding are not eligible.

Due to the release of the new APHA 2019 Award, please note that the APHA Annual Meeting 2019 in Philadelphia is ineligible for consideration for the Professional Development/Conference Travel Award. The APHA Annual Meeting will resume eligibility in 2020-2021.


Funding requests must be submitted at least four weeks in advance. The maximum level of support that Student Affairs provides is $200. Please note that funding is limited and is not guaranteed, so applicants should consider alternative sources of funding.

Please send the completed request form to Michelle McDermott.