Alumni Connections

Alumni Mentoring Program

The Dornsife Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) connects current students with alumni and provides an opportunity for mentorship and growth. AMP is accessible via the Public Health Community on Dragon Network Drexel University’s online professional community for alumni and students. This one-stop shop facilitates career-focused conversations, provides meaningful opportunities to give back, and unites Dragons from around the world—one connection at a time.

Join the Public Health Community group on Dragon Network to participate in the DSPH Alumni Mentoring Program. All alumni and current students are eligible to participate in the program, regardless of residency location.

Program Details

The Alumni Mentoring Program utilizes online networking and flash mentoring to empower students and alumni to connect with each other for mentoring, networking and career support within the public health community.

Students are encouraged to enroll and:

  • Network with a variety of mentors for singular conversations
  • Connect with others who share your interests and/or career goals
  • Get career-related answers from discussion forums
  • Learn about (and attend!) professional events and workshops
  • Find resources to help with your career process

To participate in the DSPH Alumni Mentoring Program: Join the Public Health Community group on Dragon Network.

Note: You do not need to complete a separate application to participate in the Alumni Mentoring Program.

To learn more about expectations, requirements, and details, check out the frequently asked questions. Questions? Contact Michelle Quigley.

Additional Opportunities

Drexel University’s Office of Alumni Relations offer multiple ways to connect with fellow Alumni both as a student and alum:

Still have a question or spot an error? Please contact AskDornsife.