Integrated Learning Experience (MPH)

The Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) is the culminating requirement for the MPH program. The ILE is completed at or near the end of the program of study (e.g., in the final year or term). Each student completes an ILE under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Although the specific ILE requirements vary by major, every student produces a high-quality written product at the end of the program that demonstrates synthesis and mastery of foundational public health and major competencies. Written products might include the following: program evaluation report, training manual, policy statement, take-home comprehensive essay exam, legislative testimony with accompanying supporting research, etc. A poster presentation is not an acceptable high-quality written product. Ideally, the written product is developed and delivered in a manner that is useful to external stakeholders, such as non-profit or governmental organizations.

What are the ILE requirements?

Each MPH major has differing requirements for ILE because it is tailored to the competencies of the major. Students, in consultation with faculty, select foundational and major-specific competencies appropriate to the student’s educational and professional goals.

Students in Community Health and Prevention (CHP), Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH), and Health Management & Policy (HMP) have three options for ILE:

Students work with their faculty mentor to complete a project with a partner organization. This internship can be a continuation of their APE or a new placement. Students must find their own placement.

Data Analysis
Students work with their faculty mentor to identify an appropriate data set and complete a data analysis project.

Students work with their faculty mentor to identify an appropriate project and complete a research project.

Students in Epidemiology complete a data analysis project for ILE:

Data Analysis
Students work closely with their faculty mentor to identify an appropriate data set and complete a data analysis project.

Executive, Global Health, and Urban Health students complete a capstone course for ILE:

Capstone Course
Students enroll in a capstone course and complete their ILE within that course under the direction of the course instructor.


How are the APE and ILE similar/different?

The Applied Practical Experience (APE) is a supervised, hands-on opportunity to apply competencies in a public health practice setting.

How can I find an ILE project?

Internship, Data Analysis, and Research (CHP, EOH, EPI, HMP)
View the Dornsife ILE page to find more information on the ILE, and to see examples of past projects. Additionally, a list of past projects for either the APE or ILE organized by topic and organization can be found here.

  • Talk to your faculty mentor about your interests; they may be able to connect you with someone in that field.
  • Contact another professor at Dornsife whose area of research matches your interests.
  • Check Symplicity for available projects.
  • Contact the Public Health Research Librarian, Kathleen Turner.
  • You may be able to extend your APE experience into an ILE project with faculty mentor approval.

Capstone (Exec, GH, UH)
Your project will be selected by the course instructor who will provide direction and feedback.

Who do I contact with questions about the ILE for my major?
Please contact your faculty mentor with questions about your ILE.