Update on Nesbitt Hall Temperature & HVAC

If you plan to be in Nesbitt Hall tomorrow (4/14/2023), consider wearing light, cool layered clothing. We just found out that the chiller in Nesbitt Hall which generates cool air is not in operation AND the weather has been unseasonably warm for the last few days.  Engineers from facilities are actively working on fixing the issue in our basement and on the roof so that cool air can be pushed through the system to accommodate the outdoor temperature. 

If you need a break from the heat tomorrow, please take a trip down to the Nesbitt Lobby. The lobby remains relatively cool and comfortable. There are workspaces in the lobby as needed.

The good news is that the building will be switched over to air conditioning as soon as possible.  The bad news is that it will take approximately 24‐48 hours for all floors to fully cool and unfortunately, since heat rises, our top floors might remain warm until the system can compensate over the weekend.

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