Student Conference on Global Challenges: Life in the City

Student Conference on Global Challenges: Life in the City

The Office of Global Engagement is pleased to announce the 16th Annual Student Conference on Global Challenges. The conference will be held on Thursday, May 18, 2023, at Behrakis Grand Hall in Philadelphia with the theme of “Life in the City.”

Graduate and undergraduate students can submit brief abstracts for consideration to present at the conference by April 21, 2023. Students can apply to register as a panelist or poster presenter, and anyone can register for free as an attendee.

About the Student Conference on Global Challenges

With the growing populations of cities worldwide, it is critical that the private, public and civic sectors collaborate to solve challenges related to climate change, food and housing insecurity, economic inequality, education, cultural preservation, and access to innovation and technology. How do we address these challenges in a way that benefits people around the globe?

The conference provides undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to present research and engage in critical dialogue regarding what it means to live in the modern-day city.

Drexel University was a co-sponsor of the 2022 Philadelphia World Heritage City Celebration, celebrating the city’s status as the first U.S. designated World Heritage City. The Office of Global Engagement looks forward to engaging with local organizations in support of this event.

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