Inclusive Leadership Conference

The Office of Leadership Development,  in coordination with Temple University’s Office of Institutional Diversity (IDEAL), Equity, Advocacy, & Leadership, and Student Activities, is proud to announce the 2022 Inclusive Leadership Conference (ILC).

ILC will be held in-person on February 7-11, 2022 at the Howard Gittis Student Center (HGSC) and Morgan Hall on Main Campus. 

In a whirl of cancel-culture, hypersensitivity, isolation, media overexposure and content overload, college students are receiving hundreds of messages about WHO and WHAT to be every single day. This year’s theme: “I’M ____ & I’M PROUD” encourages staff & students alike to live and lead BOLDLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY in their truth!

ILC is the largest collegiate conference in the Greater Philadelphia area getting students activated in the quest to create spaces that: 

  • Celebrate DIVERSITY: recognizing & appreciating the inherent value of differences
  • Cultivate UNITY: collaborating in effort and resource to support equity, equality and justice for all
  • Captivate AUTHENTICITY:  encouraging healthy discourse and empowering students to live and lead in truth
  • Culminate INCLUSIVITY: fostering a sense of belonging and allowing all members of our community to be seen, felt, and heard

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