Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program:
April News, Resources and Events

Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program 2023-24 Competition Open
The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program’s 2023-24 competition is open,
 featuring over 400 awards offered in more than 130 countries in all world regions.  Fulbright U.S. Scholar Awards allow U.S. citizens to teach, research, and carry out professional projects abroad.  Applications are due September 15, 2022.
 Suzanne A. Pierce, Fulbright NEXUS Scholar to Chile, 2012
 Upcoming Webinars – Join us to learn more
 Visit our Webinar Schedule for details about events throughout the competition, featuring specific countries, regions and disciplines. We look forward to seeing you (virtually) in webinars throughout the year! Upcoming events include:
April 14: U.S. Scholar Opportunities in the United Kingdom
April 20: Opportunities in Social Sciences and the Humanities
April 28: Scholar-in-Residence Opportunities for Community Colleges and Minority-Serving Institutions
April 28: Webinar for American Historical Association  (Opportunities in History)
May 4: Opportunities in American Studies
May 5: Opportunities in Fine Arts

Can’t join us live? All webinars are archived on our site here Note that any times listed for webinars or other live resource events are in U.S. Eastern standard time.
Application Resources:

Letters of Invitation – Where do you start? As you begin your 2023-24 Fulbright U.S. Scholar application, you may be considering potential hosts abroad. Here are some details about this component of your application!

Letters of invitation are provided by the proposed host institution abroad to express their interest in hosting you and your project.  Applicants are responsible for obtaining and uploading the letter of invitation to their Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program application if required by the award.

Curious if you need an invitation? Check your award’s description! Whether it’s required is always in the award requirements tab, as in this example here.

Note that while all other application materials are due September 15, 2022, you have until September 30 to provide your letter of invitation.  Applicants can upload them our online system after the application is submitted. 

Awards vary from “required” to “letter should not be sought.” What’s the difference?
In the catalog, letters of invitation are listed as required, preferred, optional or “should not be sought”. So what do these mean exactly?”A letter of invitation is required“: you must submit a letter. If it is not included with your application or submitted by September 30, 2022, your cannot proceed in the review process.” A letter of invitation is preferred“: you are encouraged – but not required –  to obtain and submit a letter of invitation, as this is a stated preference for the award.”A letter of invitation is optional“: you may submit a letter of invitation, but it is purely optional; it has no bearing on the review process.” A letter of invitation should not be sought: you should not seek a letter of invitation. Consult the award description for details and whether it’s appropriate to be in touch with a potential host. Please visit our application page’s letter of invitation section for guidance on how to request a letter, understanding invitation requirements, and developing contacts abroad.
Want to stay in touch with the Fulbright Program to receive updates and application resources? If you haven’t already, Connect with Fulbright to register your interest. Do you know someone who would be a great candidate for a U.S. Scholar award? Refer a colleague and they can connect with IIE staff to learn what’s possible through Fulbright.
 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program TeamContact: scholars@iie.org

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