A Classroom Divided: Whose academic freedom is at stake?

Join Pennoni Honors College on Thursday, February 3rd from 3:30PM-5:00PM EST via Zoom!

In the midst of upheaval, higher education institutions attempt to respond. Despite racism and inequity not being new topics, the cultural confrontation with police brutality, violence against marginalized communities, and systemic racism in 2020 led to forums, panels, committees, and dialogues being held at institutions across the country. Task forces examined and evaluated policies, made recommendations, and now, some argue, institutions are expected to reframe the curriculum for inclusivity. For others, this is a topic that has been overstated and that oversight by diversity administrators is impeding the freedom of faculty to teach their subjects freely and in the fashion they wish.


For more information, visit here or contact Erica Zelinger at erica.zelinger@drexel.edu.

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