Professional Development Series: Recording Announcement

The recording for the Cover to Cover Letters workshop, held on Wednesday, January 19, from 6:30PM-7:30PM EST via Zoom, has been uploaded to the course DSPH Professional Development Series 2021-2022, under the “PDS Workshop 4″ section via Drexel Learn

All first year MPH students* that are required to attend the Professional Development Series workshops, and complete the corresponding surveys, in order to successfully complete PBHL 500 have been granted access to the course via Drexel Learn.

If you are a first year MPH student and do not have access to the course, please contact Michelle Quigley.

If you are an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral student and wish to review the workshop recording, please contact Michelle Quigley.

*The following programs are excluded from this requirement: BA, BS, BA/MPH, BS/MPH, MS, MD/MPH, JD/MPH, EMPH, PhD and DrPH. Learn more.

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