Bridging the Gaps Seminar Series

Join on Monday, December 13th from 5:30PM-7:15PM EST via Zoom!

The Seminar Series is designed to address the root causes for many of today’s public health issues and to develop concrete strategies to address them. This seminar titled Navigating Emergency Medical Assistance: Health Rights of the Uninsured will be presented by Vincent J. Zarro, MD, PhD and Maripat Pileggi, JD.

Due to limited space and resources only health and social service professional students who attend academic health institutions participating in Bridging the Gaps are eligible to register. On-line registration is required.


If you register and are unable to attend, please notify the BTG program office within 24 hours prior to Seminar so your space can be offered to another student. The website will immediately confirm that your registration has been received. One to two days before the Seminar, the BTG program office will send an additional confirmation.

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