Maternal and Child Health Opportunity

Hack4Equity Georgia is seeking individuals interested in maternal and child health to participate in a virtual hackathon to innovate solutions to address the Black maternal mortality crisis in Georgia. The event will take place beginning on September 20th and ending in a weekend-long collaboration (September 24-26) between teams that will lead up to a presentation to a panel of judges. Teams of four to five persons will present a solution belonging to one of four categories:

Improving Individual Healthcare

A healthy pregnancy begins before conception and extends for a full year after the baby is born. How might we innovate to empower Black women in the state of Georgia to gain the knowledge, access and agency to thrive before conception, during pregnancy, birth and post-partum?

Reducing Racial Disparity in Health Systems

Reducing racial disparities in healthcare is a key step to increasing Black maternal survival and ensuring that women have positive pregnancy journeys. How might we innovate to improve quality of care for Black mothers in the state of Georgia and reduce race-based biases in the maternal health system?

Building Community-Based Equity: Addressing Structural Racism & Social Determinants of Health

Black women are disproportionately at risk of negative mental health and birth outcomes due to living in an inequitable system of structural racism. The resulting inequities negatively influence health outcomes for Black women, which must be considered a public health crisis. What community-based innovations might improve Black maternal health outcomes in the state of Georgia by tackling inequities as a result of structural racism and/or social determinants of health?

Open Topic

Get creative! How might we innovate to improve Black maternal health outcomes in the state of Georgia?

Participants may register as part of a team or find a team during pre-events. Learn more about this event on the Hack4Equity website!

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