Honoring Pride Month: A Frank Conversation About Gender and Sexuality

Join Drexel’s Office of Equality and Diversity tomorrow, June 2nd from 11:00AM-12:00PM EDT via Zoom!

In this panel discussion, we will discuss the history of Pride Month and what it means to the LGBTQIA+ community today through a conversation grounded in the experiences of LGBTQIA+ students, faculty and professional staff members in the Drexel community. 

The event will include a brief overview defining key gender- and sexuality-based terms and summarizing the history of Pride Month in the United States. The panel discussion will then be framed around LGBTQIA+ visibility, political discrimination, microaggressions, and cultural and generational nuances. In addition to learning from the experiences of our panelists, we will also explore the history of anti-LGBTQIA+ bias and violence in the United States. Strategies and resources for allyship and how to get involved will be provided.


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