Life Skills and Resources to Learn Them

Is there a way to not feel groggy after naps? Want to feel nostalgia with friends through games? Need to know how to build an emergency fund? Want to know how to cook without a microwave? These resources on cooking, finance planning, and self-care cover these topics and a few more!


Save money, control what ingredients you eat, and learn how to tap into your creativity when you learn how to cook.

Unfamiliar with Cooking Resources:

Moderate Cooking Skills:

A guide to sandwich classifications : coolguides

Finance Planning

Learn how to better manage your spending and savings with some simple rules like 50/30/20 so you have what you can get what you need in the future.

50/30/20 Budget Calculator - NerdWallet


It’s easy to miss sleep, friends, and healthy thoughts on a busy schedule. These guides should help you get back to where you want to be!

Photos Of Sleeping Pups In A Puppy Daycare Center Are Taking Over The  Internet (24 Pics) | Bored Panda

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