Pennoni Panel: Let’s Talk About Sex…Work

Join the Pennoni Honors College & Drexel’s Urban Sexuality Lab on Thursday, April 15th from 3:30PM-5:00PM EST via Zoom!

A TikTok trend featuring the song lyric “Nobody asks you questions when you say you’re an accountant” featured users singing the song with descriptions about keeping their sex work, and their income from it, secret from their families and friends. Despite there being a substantial market for sex work, the stigma around those offering and consuming services remains potent. What constitutes sex work? Why does labor around sexual pleasure remain taboo? What are the lines between agency and exploitation in sex work (and work in general)? This panel, being held in partnership with Drexel’s Urban Sexuality Lab, seeks to tackle the tension surrounding bodies and sex; power and labor; pleasure and shame.


Webinar Attendee Rules:

  • Throughout the webinar, you will be able to use Zoom’s Q&A functionality. Those questions will be sent to the moderator at the beginning of the Q&A section.
  • OR, If you are comfortable vocalizing your question, please wait until the moderator opens the panel discussion up to questions from the audience and then use Zoom’s ‘raise your hand’ functionality so that you can be called on.
  • We will do our best to get all your questions answered in the time permitting.

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