Hybrid Learning Tips

 Balancing a return to learning on-campus while continuing with some remote courses can be challenging. Here are some tips from the Center for Learning and Academic Success Services (CLASS) to help you be successful: 

  • Keep yourself organized! Complete a learning plan for each class that captures all of the essential information (meeting times, required technology, available resources, etc.). Here is a template to get you started. 
  • Time management remains important, especially as your calendar gets more complex. Use tools that meet your needs. Here are a few to consider: 
    • Weekly planners should include time to commute as you return to campus. 
    • Term calendars can help you organize your deadlines and give you a high-level view of the quarter. Make note of on-campus and off-campus days. 
    • Use time blocking throughout your week to promote productivity and to focus on specific tasks and goals. 
  • While on campus, make use of available spaces for studying, logging in to class, or unwinding! There are a number of spaces available to reserve, including the libraries and various academic buildings. Click here to reserve. Tip: look for spaces with access to power outlets and carry chargers with you, especially if you have to plug-in for an online class while on campus. 
  • Communicate with your faculty, advisors, and other resources frequently. As we begin to transition back to campus, you might have questions about meeting times/locations, what will be available online and when, whether office hours/other aspects of the class will be online or in-person or both. Ask for clarification when you need it, and make sure you are checking your email and BBLearn daily. 
  • Keep practicing the successful strategies you used while learning fully remotely! Click here for more information about remote learning best practices. 

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