8 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Whether you are completing your thesis requirements, have a lot of homework and projects, or are studying for your finals, use these methods to wind down from the stress of the week.

Set Up a Hot Bath

To create a cozy atmosphere, you can light a candle, set up a tray with snacks, a drink, and a book or phone / tablet to watch a show.

Remember to prepare a small towel in case your hands get wet and you need to touch your phone or book.

Schedule a Lunch or Dinner with Friends

If you want to watch a show with your friends while eating, there are options like Netflix Party.

Attend a Yoga Session Lead by a Dornsife Student

Follow along with Gabrielle Connor as she leads a 20-minute Yoga session to help de-stress.

Cooking a Childhood Dish

The process of making and eating dishes that we grew up with can feel bring you back to a place of comfort and nostalgia. Think about something your family made for you and try making it this week or weekend (and ask for the recipe if needed!).

Nightly Prayer

Take 15 minutes before you go to sleep to feel spiritual through prayer or read religious texts.

Karaoke and Showering

With a mounted phone case or a DIY ziplock set up you can sing along with your favorite playlist in the shower.


Making an affirmation is declaring a thought or statement that supports your self-image. Try these in a mirror or when you wake up in the morning and here are some examples if you don’t know where to start.

Mindful Walking

If you need a break from online work or distractions, try a mindful walking in an outdoor space. This involves paying attention to sensory details as become aware of them and focusing on the present.

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