A Road Map for Interventions to Reduce Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Cities

Join the Urban Health Collaborative for a webinar in their Invited Speaker Series presented by Tonatiuh Barrientos Gutiérrez, MD, PhD, on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 12PM – 1PM EST via Zoom!

Tonatiuh Barrientos Gutiérrez, MD, PhD, is a medical doctor for the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico and a doctor in epidemiology for the University of Texas at Houston. He is the director of the Center for Population Health at the National Institute of Public Health and a Member of the National Academy of Medicine in Mexico. He works in several areas of public health in Mexico, including tobacco control, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, child development and teen pregnancy. Currently, Tonatiuh is invested in the identification of structural interventions to reduce addiction, chronic diseases, and teen pregnancy. Tonatiuh is the country lead for the Salud Urbana in America Latina Project in Mexico.


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