2021 Student Research Session: Call for Abstracts

Deadline extended! Submit your abstract by Sunday, March 14th!

Each year the Section on Public Health & Preventive Medicine has hosted a Student Poster Session that showcases regional public health research by students and professionals from public health and related disciplines. This year, due to social distancing measures related to COVID-19, the event, renamed Student Research Session, will be held virtually, with students posting short videos, instead of posters of their research presentations, on the College of Physicians’ YouTube Channel. In late April/early May, the College of Physicians will open up the YouTube Channel and invite people to view and comment on the presentations to provide important feedback, and dialogue with the presenters. 

We invite students to submit abstracts describing their current, or recently completed, research projects. Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel from the Section. The first author on the submission will be notified of selection in early April, and will be provided instructions to record and share their presentations. 

Deadline for submission of abstract and filling out the form (see link below) is March 14th, 2021. Notification of acceptance/Research specification guidelines will be emailed by early April

 Steps for Submitting an Abstract: 

  1. Email your completed abstract to your specified school contact (see next page). 
  2. Modify your abstract based on feedback from your school contact. 
  3. Complete this submission form: http://tinyurl.com/znumydf3. 

Guidelines for Abstracts: 

Abstracts will be reviewed and accepted based on content and adherence to guidelines. Abstracts that do not follow guidelines will need to be revised. The abstract should be no more than 250 words, flush left, and single-spaced. The abstract should be in .docx format (no PDFs). 

  • Filename: last name of presenter, first initial, and the word “Abstract” – e.g. SmithCAbstract.docx 
  • Font: Times New Roman 12 pt 
  • Title: Type abstract title in upper case letters and bold 
  • Authors and affiliations: List authors and affiliations using upper and lower-case letters. Presenter’s name should be underlined and listed first. 
  • Background: Describe why the study or program was undertaken. 
  • Objective: Clearly state the objectives of the study or program. 
  • Design/Methods: Describe the methods of data collection and analysis, or the activities developed to address the program objectives. 
  • Results: Present the analysis of the data in tabular and statistical terms if appropriate. What do the data show? What did the program accomplish? If the study or program is still on-going, present the data currently available. 
  • Conclusion: State in one or two sentences what the study demonstrated or the program accomplished. The conclusion should be supported by data rather than the author’s opinion. If the study is still in progress and results are not available, state what has been accomplished to date. 

University Contact: Tariem Burroughs at tab54@drexel.edu 

Please email your abstract to your university faculty contact in .docx format.

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