Improving Your Work / Study Space at Home

Whether you miss the library or want to increase your home productivity, these tips can help improve your study zone.

Privacy: If you set up your study space in a room where other activities occur, you can create some separation by putting a privacy board on your desk. To make them more useful, tape up calendars or tack decorative photos onto them. For more privacy, try a room divider to fully distinguish your study space.

Ergonomic: Whatever method you use, make sure the device is eye level and typing is at a neutral position. For laptops, there are store bought or improvised stands to adjust your laptop height and with a detached keyboard, you can type more comfortably.

Noise: If possible, choose a location that has the least noisy interruptions. While window rooms can have lots of natural light, if outside noises are frequent and distracting, choose a room that avoids these sounds. Closets tend to be away from indoor and outdoor potential distractions, so if your closet is big enough, clear some space and fit a desk in. Or to ignore the sounds, you can purchase some noise-canceling headphones.

Personalization: There are many different ways to decorating your study area. If there’s limited time or too much clutter, try a more minimalist style and limit the desk to bare essentials: a notebook and / or laptop, writing utensil, a lamp, textbook(s), and a small item like a picture or candle. If you have more time, you can make a creative art project with a cork board.

Temperature: In the winter, indoor temperatures can vary wildly with window areas getting cold and un-adjustable radiators spewing heat which can all be distracting to studying. If it’s cold, aim a space heater at your feet or insulate your windows. If the radiator is too hot, cover it with a heat-resistant fabric like a wool blanket (synthetic material can melt, but steam radiators don’t reach high enough temperatures to ignite most materials).

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