Drexel University Libraries Expands Online Seat Reservation System!

The Drexel Libraries, in conjunction with Drexel Environmental Health & Safety, has expanded its online seat reservation system to include seats and spaces made available by Colleges, Schools and other departments on campus.

Click here to use the LibCal Seats online reservation tool!

This tool offers a ‘one-stop shop’ for Drexel students to locate and reserve socially distanced study spaces on campus. The Libraries currently lists spaces managed by University Facilities, Office of the University Registrar, Drexel Student Life, Westphal College and the College of Engineering for student use. These reservations are listed along with the Libraries’ informal learning environments.

Benefits for Students: ‘One-Stop Shopping’

The Libraries’ seat reservation tool offers currently enrolled students (as well as employed Drexel faculty and staff with a current Drexel ID Card who wish to reserve a space) a convenient, ‘one-stop shop’ to locate and reserve seats within informal learning environments across campus that are designed to accommodate requirements for social distancing and safe shared occupancy.

  • Easy-to-use interface: Simply reserve the desired seats or spaces through the Libraries’ website and check in and out through email or a QR code
  • Contactless: Browse and reserve a desired seat or space via a smartphone or other personal device, such as a laptop or tablet
  • Makes planning ahead simple: The centralized seat reservation system allows members of the Drexel community to plan out their time on campus so they can be confident the seat they want is waiting and ready for them between classes and appointments

Click here to learn more about the online seat reservation tool!

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