Checklist for Returning Back to School


1. Scheduling: Before classes start, you can get ahead by mapping out your availability. In a notebook, app, or Microsoft or Google calendar, mark your class times for the upcoming quarter. If there is a syllabus on Blackboard, make note of office hours and assignment deadlines. Adding in Zoom links to these could be a super helpful add on.

2. Textbooks: Check the syllabus on Blackboard to see if there are any required textbooks for each course. Early purchase may cost less and the book will be delivered in time for assignments. Alternatively, if a syllabus is not available, a quick email to the professor will usually reveal any required books.

3. Confirm Enrollment: Drexel requires Enrollment Confirmation on Drexel One by January 15th.

4. Health Tracker: For those returning to campus, make sure to download the tracker which is required for all in-person classes or facility use.

5. Double Check Software Programs: Certain classes required downloading programs like SAS, R, or arcGIS. If you have a program available and need it for any upcoming class, make sure to open it and see if it’s functioning properly before term starts or if it needs an update. For SAS, use the PROC SETINIT procedure to check expiration of the program.


1. Grocery Shopping: If possible, purchase food and other necessities on the weekend before classes start so you can spend less time on groceries during the first week of classes. Alternatively, you could organize a list of items to purchase for that week. For Philadelphia students in need of food aid, there are several food distribution sites located around the city.

2. Food Prepping: Try meal prepping this weekend so you have the first several days of classes free to get ahead and to see if you would enjoy food prepping!

3. Free Bike Sharing: If you don’t want to use the bus or train, Drexel has a free bike sharing program. Complete the agreement and submit to them early so you can borrow bikes when the quarter starts.

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