Public Health Student Case Competition

The Public Health Student Case Competition, developed by the Office of Public Health Practice at Dornsife School of Public Health (DSPH), is open to all DSPH undergraduate, MS, and MPH students who want to engage in a unique learning experience, address a Philadelphia public health problem in a team environment, and have a chance to win prize money! The annual competition brings together up to ten interdisciplinary teams of four or five students to create innovative solutions to address a real-life public health issue impacting Philadelphia.

The competition will begin in February 2021. Over the course of two weeks, teams will collaborate effectively and quickly before presenting their proposed solution to a panel of judges on competition day. The case topic is top secret until the big reveal at the start of the competition!

This week, a video orientation will be released and a live info session about the competition will be held 12/8 at 2:30PM. Interested and want to stay in the know? Sign up here to be included in the Case Competition email list and to RSVP for the info session.

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