5 Tips for Online Organization to Try Before the Holiday Break

1. Emails: set up a rule

For Drexel’s Outlook emails, go into “Setting” and type “Rules” in the search setting. Here you can choose to forward future emails from classes into specified folders, delete emails from certain dates.

2. Discover helpful add-ons

Dictate: When logging into outlook, you can open Word or PowerPoint which both have a “Dictate” option. Instead of typing, you click on this icon and speak your notes or essay instead. You can also change the language by clicking on the icon and scrolling down to “What Can I Say?”.

Find additional add-ons for outlook and how to install them here.

3. Add Deadlines and Events to Calendar

You can add reminders, project deadlines, exam dates, and other events to your outlook calendar. For a more additional tasks you can accomplish with the calendar, watch this tutorial.

4. Choosing and Using a Citation Manager

Whether you are gathering articles for ILE, writing an essay, or working on a project, you can start storing and organizing your articles and citations on several citation mangers like EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero. To compare them and see which one is right for you, check out this guide.

5. File Organization and Sharing

Take some time to organize your classes and their files using this computer filing guide.

Sharepoint: If you are working on a group project or visiting family and can’t bring your computer, try Outlook’s Sharepoint. Here you can store, organize, share, and access your files from any device.

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