In Case You Missed It: CareerPalz Webinar Recording

View the recording of the CareerPalz Webinar from September 25, 2020 here! Keep an eye out for the next webinar in November 2020.

Topic: Navigating the current immigration landscape for U.S International Students

Goals: The goals of the webinar are to ensure F1 Students:

  1. Understand the current immigration landscape and how they can stay ahead of the immigration hurdles (CPT, OPT & H1B, H1B Cap-exempt (to add in other parts of the presentation content)).
  2. Know how to navigate the job search process with sponsorship needs with a clear strategy
  3. Understand how STEM vs Non STEM programs might influence opportunities & future visa applications
  4. Understand  the importance of staying informed and educated about their immigration status in all decisions they make
  5. Are aware of available Legal resources they can use if they run into immigration issues

Date: September 25th  5pm-6pm EST

Panelist: Dobrina M. Ustun, Esq & John Khosravi  (Immigration Lawyers)

Attendees: F1 students (Freshmen- Graduate students & recent graduates on OPT)

Link to recording of webinar.

Do you have ideas for future CareerPalz webinars? Send them here!

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