Upcoming Events for DSPH Students

Virtual Listening Circle
Today, Tuesday, June 9, 2020 @3:00PM-4:30PM EDT

DSPH leadership has heard your requests to provide safe spaces to begin unpacking the impact of the recent confluence of awful, deadly events, particularly on Black people and more generally on communities of color. We hope that the planned, small group discussions facilitated by our own Dornsife faculty, will allow us to come together in a safe space to discuss their current state of emotions with the goal of understanding how best the School can help support your emotional well-being in these troubling times. Specifically, the discussion will be framed around the following 3 questions:

(1)   how are you feeling right now in this moment?
(2)   what’s taking up most of your headspace right now?
(3)   what is something that the School can do that would feel supportive?


Town Hall: Racial Injustice
Thursday, June 11, 2020 @5:00PM EDT

Dornsife School of Public Health invites you to continue the conversation on racial injustice by sharing your ideas, feedback, suggestions, knowledge and resources. The feedback received will be reviewed by the Dornsife administration in an effort to implement and support change in our community.

This feedback will inform the next phase of our strategic initiative on diversity and inclusion. Comments may be addressed at a future town hall event the school hosts.

We ask students to share ideas, feedback, and suggestions through the following survey.  We hope to discuss some of the submissions at this event. The survey will remain live following the event.

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