Spring Term Follow up

Hello Dornsife Students:

The Dornsife School of Public Health will abide by the proceedings as announced by the Office of the Provost. In order to help you navigate resources related to remote exams and classes, we have are sharing a below tips:

What you can do Now:

Familiarize yourself with Blackboard

What Might your Class be like?

Synchronous: Your instructor may require you to login to Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom at your scheduled class time.

  • Be prepared to have your microphone turned on (you can use ear buds with a microphone)
  • Be prepared to have your camera turned on (if you don’t have a web camera on your computer, you can also use Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom on your phone).

Asynchronous: Your instructor may interact with you not in real-time.

  • Be prepared to read and respond in written discussion board posts
  • Be prepared to take tests/quizzes through Blackboard
  • Be prepared to submit written assignments through Blackboard


For additional University resources and information, please continue to check Dornsife DASH.

Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation in minimizing the potential spread of illness. If you need additional support, please do not hesitate to contact me or Student Affairs.

Phi Nguyen

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