To Our Graduating Students,

On behalf of the Student Affairs department, congratulations on your upcoming graduation! We are very proud of all that you’ve accomplished during your time at the Dornsife School of Public Health, and we wish you success as you begin this next phase in your life.

As you near graduation, we’d like to share several resources that may assist in your job search:

Begin with You

As a Drexel student, you can take advantage free self-assessments to iAs a Drexel student, you can take advantage free self-assessments to identify your motivators and preferences in order to make a better match between personalities and work settings. Schedule an appointment with Career and Educational Counseling office at Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC) to complete a self-assessment.

Explore Online Job Postings

Did you miss The Hunt: Navigating the Job and Internship Search workshop on January 14? Be sure to check out the recording of this presentation or schedule an appointment with Caroline Voyles to learn more about planning a targeted search and navigating public health job database resources.

Prepare your Application Materials

Your resume is your personal marketing tool, describing your abilities, skills, achievements, and aspirations. Dornsife offers one-on-one appointments to review resumes and cover letters, hold mock interviews, develop LinkedIn profiles, and more!

Did you miss the Interview Like a Boss or the Negotiate with Confidence workshops? Be sure to check out the recording of these presentations or schedule an appointment with Michelle McDermott or Caroline Voyles.

Connect with Alumni and Others

Drexel Alumni and employers are fantastic sources of advice and encouragement. Additionally, scheduling an informational interview can help you to further explore public health sectors and narrow your search. To connect with alumni, please forward your résumé and references to Michelle McDermott. To connect with an employer, stop by an upcoming Coffee & Convos.

Verify your Status

International students may have a few additional steps during their job search as compared to their US student counterparts. If you are an international student seeking employment in the US after graduation, you will need to make sure you are in compliance with your US Visa requirements. Be sure to start early and research employers thoroughly to seek companies that sponsors work visas.

Schedule and appointment with International Students and Scholar Services to learn more about your visa options and how to stay in compliance. Schedule an appointment with Caroline Voyles, or an SCDC Career Counselor for additional job search resources.

If at any time in the recruitment process you have questions or are unsure of how to proceed, please make an appointment with Michelle McDermott, Caroline Voyles, or an SCDC Career Counselor. We are here to help you navigate this process, make the best decisions, and act in a professional manner.

Congratulations again!

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