Save the Date: February 25th, 2020

Politicking, the sociopolitical mobile application created by a DSPH alumni (Wen-Kuni Ceant, MPH ‘16) has teamed up with Hakim’s Bookstore to host the Official Presidential Debate Pre-Party. Hakim’s Bookstore (210 S. 52nd St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) will be hosting the event February 25, 2020 from 7-9 PM to discuss the state of politics in Philadelphia and beyond. Come out to learn more about the Presidential candidates, the debates and how to use Politicking (now available for download in the iOS and Google Play Store) to empower yourself for the upcoming elections. 

Come watch, learn and share as we join together to navigate the 2020 Political Climate. 

Feel free to check out or for more information. Follow us @politickingtheapp  

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