Share your Opinions with Aramark

The Natural Resources Defense Council invites students to share your opinions with Aramark on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 9:00AM at Rittenhouse West, across from the Rittenhouse Hotel.

If you’ve ever had lunch in a college cafeteria, eaten hospital food, or even grabbed grub at a stadium while watching your favorite NFL team, then chances are you’ve eaten food provided by food service giant Aramark — one of the largest food service companies in the country.

Aramark is responsible for millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions stemming from menu options like red meat, eggs, and dairy that exacerbate the climate crisis.

One way Aramark can do its part to combat climate change is to shift its menu options away from climate-intensive foods and move toward plant-based foods. Send a message to Aramark CEO urging the company to reduce its carbon footprint and fight the climate crisis by shifting toward climate-healthy foods.

Register for this event.

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