Housing Accommodations: Where to Start

Have you secured housing for the upcoming academic year? If not, read below for more information on seeking accommodations.

Finding the right housing accommodations can be a challenging process. Dornsife recommends that students begin their search as soon as they confirm their enrollment. While incoming undergraduate students may have to abide by the residency requirement, graduate students may have more freedom in choosing between on campus or off campus housing. Review the below tips and resources to find learn more about finding a home that fits your needs and lifestyle.

On Campus Housing

Incoming undergraduate students should review the Drexel residency requirement for more information on on-campus housing. On campus housing for incoming graduate students is popular and limited, and units may fill quickly. Dornsife recommends contact University Housing for all questions related to on campus housing.

Off Campus Housing

Philadelphia is known as a “city of neighborhoods,” each offering unique cultural landmarks and resources. Housing almost half a million college students, Philadelphia offers many student friendly housing options. Choosing a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle is important to consider as you review each of the housing options. Dornsife students live all over Philadelphia, and several factors drive this decision:

  • Distance to campus: how long will it take to arrive on campus, and what is the Walk Score?
  • Cost: even a difference of a few blocks will adjust pricing. Will I need a roommate?
  • Proximity to establishments, such as: grocery stores, restaurants, and retail stores
  • Type of housing: some neighborhoods consist of mostly high-rise apartment buildings and some are mostly homes. Does this home offer all of the amenities that I require?
  • The lease: does the lease fulfill your needs for the entire academic or calendar year?

Dornsife recommends reflecting on all of these factors and more while deciding on housing accommodations. To learn more about resources and search options available to you, such as the University database, Student Housing Map, and transportation options, check out the “Student Life” and “Transportation” sections of the University Resources tab.

Students may also wish to consider third party resources to identify units available for rental. Students are advised to be weary of scams, as websites contain postings have not been reviewed by Drexel.

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